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Ayurveda in Sri Lanka with Dr. Ravindra


Vattersgarden Ayurvedic Retreats

Villa Sarana and Villa Vedana near Negombo




The Character of the two houses


The Vattersgarden Ayurveda Villas are pure Ayurvedic Retreats with clinical character, embedded in the culture of the town of Negombo, with only 20 minutes transfer from and to the international airport.

The limitation of 5 rooms in each Villa - two singhalese Houses with Garden and Swimming Pool – and 3 Ayurvedic Doctors are ensuring absolute individual treatments and intensive health care of our guests.

German and English language knowledge is available to keep the communication between patients and doctors. The beautiful sandy beach of Negombo is located 700 m (Vedana 900 m) far away from the Properties.


The authentic Panchakarma Cure   

follows the procedures of Ceylon Ayurveda; the daily agenda is based on the ancient Vedic science.

The treatment schedule and daily meals are planned for each guest individually by the Ayurvedic Doctors based on the development, reactions and feedback of the patient due to the treatments.

Daily consultations conducted by Dr. Ravindra and his two Assistance Doctors are supporting the success of the cure. The Vattersgarden Ayurveda Villas are well known for patients who are seeking for recovering in case of severe deceases and sicknesses.


What can be achieved with ayurveda treatments ?


Dr. K. D. Ravindra: 

"With the correct deep Ayurveda-Panchakarma treatment course you can eliminate all stagnated toxins in your body which are the cause for various diseases or disorders.

You can rejuvenate all systems in your body.

You can prevent lot of health problems and You can increase immunity and can experience real healthy life.
If you already are suffering from chronic or acute diseases which you have got no good answer in school medicine, such as

·       All kind of arthritis

·       Chronic gastritis and other Gastro- intestinal tract disorders

·       Neurological disorders(Diseases in nervous system)

·       Paralysis

·       Skin disorders

·       High blood cholesterol

·       High blood pressure

·       Asthma and Other respiratory tract disorders

·       Diabetes

·       Insomnia, Stress, Depressions, Burnout syndrome..etc

You can get the best results for above mentioned diseases with the ancient authentic Ayurveda-Panchakarma treatments.

The time of results depending on severity of disease and the present health condition of patient.”


The Rates in the Villas  (per Person and Day)


Summer Special 1st of May until 30th of September 2017

In double room 70 €  in single room  90 €

Example for 14 days in double room 980 €  in single room 1260 €


Low Season 1st of Oktober until 30th of November 2017

In double room 94 €  in single room  118 €

Example for 14 days in double room 1316 €  in single room 1652 €


High Season 1st of Dezember 2017 until 30th of April 2018

In double room 112 €  in single room  140 €

Example for 14 days in double room 1568 €  in single room 1960 €


These rates do include:

Ayurvedic treatments (5 per day)

Accommodation in double or single rooms

Ayurvedic full board

All ayurvedic drinks (bottle water, herbal teas, Lassi, Tambili and freshly pressed juices)

Guided yoga and meditation

All ayurvedic medicine

Daily Consultations


Not included: 

Transfer – can be organized by us, per trip 15 €·       

Flight - please contact Sri Lankan Airlines or your travel agency

Visa Fees – currently 35 US $. Visa can be get online  or at the “Visa on Arrival” counter in the Colombo Airport

Roundtrip – can be organized individually by our partner Asha Leisure, please let us know your wishes



Contact / More Information / Booking


For English-Russian-Bulgarian Language

Angelika Borisyuk  


Phone:  +359 895 417 959


For German Language

Katrin Vatter


Phone: +49 216 381 141




Vattersgarden Ayurvedic Clinic (PVT) Limited

Hospital Registration 6-3/3/76 Department of Ayurveda

B.O.I. Project and Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority (SLTDA) Approval


Verwaltung und Supervision:

81180 Kottegoda – Lunukalapuwa - Sri Lanka